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Web sites can be anything from basic to complex, using a variety of features to impress the entice and attract the end users. In the case of a first web site, WebLocate.info recommend that it is usually better to start with a basic site, get some experience, then enhance the site to the ultimate specification. However there are some suggestions :-

Once the above has been considered, it is time to start coding! A package is required that will create the html code for the web site. Many packages are available for purchase, but some are available at minimal cost. Netscape Communicator includes the Netscape Composer module for editing HTML. Windows 98 includes FrontPage Express, which is a cut-down version of the popular FrontPage 2000 package, which is a solid package that integrates with other products from Microsoft. For serious web page development, the Dreamweaver package from Macromedia is recommended.

A package is needed to create buttons and prepare images for the web site. FrontPage includes the ability to make buttons, but a package like Fireworks from Macromedia can make impressive and complex buttons, and it integrates well with Dreamweaver.

The appearance of the web site is important to impress the users. The most prominently used web browsers are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but there are others. When the first version of a web page or site has been prepared, it should be viewed using a different web browser to ensure that the appearance is similar, and that no distortion has been introduced. This can be all be done with the web pages located on the PC of the developer.

In order to get a prominent listing on search engines, the usage of words on the web site is crucial. Words can be added that are invisible to the user to appeal to search engines. Metatags are used to give information about a web site to search engines. It is important that metatags are defined and that the description and keywords give concise information about the website. Tools are available to create and check metatags. Metatags should be checked and validated before a website is published.   Expert help is available from MetaTune, who will be pleased to assist.

Web pages need to be published onto a website to make them visible on the internet. A username and password is required from the Web Hosting service to allow publishing of web pages. Websites created using FrontPage can be published from within the package. It is possible to publish all pages in a web site, or just thosed that have changed, Websites created using other packages will need to be copied to the website using a package with FTP capability.

Once the website has been published, a final quality assurance check is required to ensure that all is well. If possible, it is recommended to check every page after an update to ensure all the images, buttons and text are as expected.

For businesses with an international perspective, it can be very beneficial to some or all of a website translated into other languages.  In addition to English, the most commonly languages in Europe are FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish).  For websites targeted at the Middle East and Far East, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese will attract a lot more users.  Translation of websites is a specialised business.  Expert help is available from Comms Multilingual in this area.

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