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FTSE 250 company web pages are listed by name and by category.  The EPIC code for each company is listed along with the category as per the Financial Times, the category as per The Times, and optionally an alternative name for the company.  At present, only the 120 largest companies listed in the FT 250 are detailed in WebLocate.info.  Others should be added within a few months.

Companies that form the FTSE 250 are the next 250 British companies after those in the FTSE 100 index.  The index is also known as the FT 250 or FT250 index.  The companies that form the  FTSE 250 index are regularly reviewed, so the FT250 list does change.  The smallest FTSE 250 has a market capitalization of around 500 million, compared with the largest FTSE 250 company with a market capitalization of around 1.5  billion.  As the stock market gets more volatile, companies are increasingly moving between the FTSE 250 and  FTSE 100 indices, and below the FTSE 250 index.

FT250 Companies Listed by Name FT250 Companies Listed by Category
  Companies - A to C   Companies - Aerospace to Engineer
  Companies - D to K

  Companies - Finance to Leisure

  Companies - L to R

  Companies - Life to Retail

  Companies - S to X   Companies - Services to Water

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